Products Available
Tilement Spindle Pin
Flexible Air Duct
Aluminum Foil Tape
Closed Cell Tubing & Sheet
FibreGlass wool.
Features & Benefits:
Thermal Insulation, it provides low thermal conductivity, reduce heat transfer to buildings.
Acoustic Insulation, it helps reduce undesired noise and improves sound transmission class of wall & partition.
Compressive Strength, flexible, resilient and provides good recovery after longtime compressive application.
Condensation Control, with appropriate thickness and vapor barrier material, suitable for use to prevent condensation problem.
Applications, roof& ceiling, exterior wall, interior partition, aircon duct, hot & cold insulation.
service temperature, sub zero up to 350C.
Rock wool.
Excellent Properties, such as;
stable thermal resistance during years.
inorganic material which does not decay.
water repellant and moisture resistance.
does not growth of micro organism, such as fungus, vermins and molds.
easy to handle, robust, high compression strength and dimensional stability.
Applications, roof top, external wall, boiler surfaces, heat exchanger surfaces, hot and cold air circulating ductings, mechanical room, refinery chimney, acoustical noise generated mechanical equipments.
service temperature, sub zero up to 750C.
Calcium Silicate.
Common Applications,
typically applied on high temperature in industrial facilities such as chemical plant, refineries & steam power plants.
it has a relatively flat thermal conductivity curve.
extremely high compressive strength.
can withstand considerable physical abuse without loss of insulating efficiency.
withstand vibration induced by high temperature steam flow.
service temperature up to 750C.
Ceramic Fibre.
Features & Benefits,
outstanding low thermal conductivity.
withstand very high temperature.
low shrinkage & classification temperature.
good tensile strength.
service temperature up to 1300C.
Aluminum Foil.
Features & Benefits,
energy savings.
better comfortable working living environment.
higher productivity.
vapour moisture barrier.
controls condensation.
"ASLI" air grille & diffuser
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